Saturday, January 21, 2006

Google Stars in Risky Business

Can Google's stock drop even more? I don't normally dish out stock advise but inlight of Google's dramatic 8% drop of Friday, investors must give careful consideration to the following issues that this company now faces:

Google is under investigation by the Feds, who suspect (and probably rightly so) that it is the biggest search portal to material on the internet. Then Google said no to their request to the Feds request for search use data, claiming privacy concerns. But wait, whose privacy is Google most concerned about here? Could it be this data will reveal some fascinating (and potentially embarassing) trends about how much time web users spend viewing dirty pictures, articles and weblistings at Google? It was interesting that Yahoo, MSN and AOL had no hesitation in positively responding to a similar request.

The heart of the Fed's case is its efforts to prove and enforce the Child Online Protection Act that was overwhelming approved by Congress a few years ago, but is now proving difficult to actually implement. The principles of the Act sound wonderful, but when it comes time to begin enforcement, all the key players scatter.

The internet filter companies are also struggling with the fact that their weakest link in blocking offensive material is their inability to pick and choose amongst the content of the big search engines. It is simpler to block websites as all or nothing. Some of these filters might start blocking the big search engines like Google and redirect users to a more family friendly search engine.

Another concern facing Google is the potential backlash from conservative groups and families when news gets out about the ease of access and volume that Google's website provide to finding bad material. It will be very easy for the Feds to prove that the vast majority of all searchs directly involves them. Since Nography is a major factor in causing many divorces and family breakups, will they also be subject to class action law suits from abandoned spouses and state social welfare agencies that are more aggresive than the tobacco companies face.

What about Google's employees? Any one of them (and there are a lot) can claim that Google's explicit database creates an offensive working atmosphere that is incompatible with their religious or moral standards and then file human resource claims accordingly.

Then there is the case of Google's network of advertisers and publishers where some of there more conservative clients are leaving the network after it was revealed to them that the cute little search box in the upper corner of their homepage is the gateway to world's largest database of immoral material.

Google can easily remidy this huge problem by redirecting the efforts of the huge worldwide army of employees that they now retain to manual rate the validity of websites featured. Websites that are in anyway harmful to society should be ranked as significantly inapproriate or banned altogether. Google employes this practice now to rate the many advertising and marketing promotion websites on the web. But which category is more important?

I think that you can expect Google's fortunes to ride a very bumby road for the next ninety days.

Google Stock Shares Drop 8%

Google stock value dropped by 8% in NYSE trading on Friday.

The accelerating decline of Google stock eventually pulled down the whole Internet stock sector, and the broader Nasdaq 100 index with it.

Another issue is the brewing controversy between Google and the U.S. Justice Department. Google is resisting a request by the government for Web search data to help the United States make its case in support of a federal online Nography law.

"There are potentially concerns that Google could be in the cross-hairs of the Justice Department," Kessler said.

A Double Standard?

This looks like either a double standard or they’re in cahoots with the devil. What do you do when your religious organization partners with bad people and bad websites?

Remember it is not the internet that shows indecent material but a collection of corrupt websites, the biggest of which is Google.

    Your Ask-A-Franciscan question has been answered.

    What is the position of Catholicism on Pornography? Why does your website ( endorses which is the world's largest source of immoral material?

    Hello, Roland, I guess one could ask why would you be using any internet service even if you don't use "google" since it's the internet itself that affords people …nographic materials. You can use any search engine, not just google, to find good and bad. It's not google; it's the people who type in the words. But regarding …nography, here is what the Catholic Catechism has to say: Hope this helps. Fr. Jim

    Thank you for visiting Ask-A-Franciscan. Peace and all good!

They Will Target Your Kid's Ipod Next

They Will Target Your Kid's Ipod Next

  • AFA Online - Full Article Link.

    Former Federal Prosecutor, Gov't Consultant Warn Parents: Nography Industry Targeting iPod Users

    Parents are being warned of the industry's effort to make hard-core imagery available to users of Apple Computer's iPod and similar portable video devices. The popularity of Apple's new video-capable portable technology has driven Nography industry providers to introduce iPod-compatible video content. Already there are at least three companies with divisions dedicated solely to adult content for these portable players. According to MacWorld magazine, Apple "already hosts an [adult-oriented] radio show on its own podcast directory."

  • AFA Online - Full Article Link.

    Former Federal Prosecutor, Gov't Consultant Warn Parents: Nography Industry Targeting iPod Users

    Parents are being warned of the industry's effort to make hard-core imagery available to users of Apple Computer's iPod and similar portable video devices. The popularity of Apple's new video-capable portable technology has driven Nography industry providers to introduce iPod-compatible video content. Already there are at least three companies with divisions dedicated solely to adult content for these portable players. According to MacWorld magazine, Apple "already hosts an [adult-oriented] radio show on its own podcast directory."

  • Congress Hears Testimony about Internet Indecency

    Thursday afternoon, a congressional hearing focused on how to best protect children from Nography on the Internet.

  • Congressional Hearings

    Dr. James Weaver III, professor of communication and psychology at Virginia Tech, called the ease with which children can access Nography a

    "public health crisis" and advocated that Congress treat it as such.

      "In a culture where we put warning labels on everything from hair dryers to coffee cups to music CDs to theatrical release movies," he said, "essentially, no one provides consumers with any warnings or information about ..Nography."

  • Friday, January 20, 2006

    Google Subpeona Update

    Found this over at Boing Blog :

    DoJ search requests: Google said no; Yahoo, AOL, MSN yes.
    Update: Earlier today, I asked a Justice Department spokesperson which search engines other than Google received requests to provide search records. The answer: Yahoo, AOL, and MSN were also asked to supply search records information, and all complied. Google did not, and that is why the DoJ asked a federal judge on Wednesday to order the company to do so.

    Another fact to consider as you sift through news coverage: Justice is not requesting this data in the course of a criminal investigation, but in order to defend its argument that the Child Online Protection Act is constitutionally sound.

    It seems apparent that Google objected to the request not for privacy reasons, but on grounds that the request was too broad and burdensome. Privacy advocates I spoke to today, including attorney Sherwin Siy at EPIC, say while the DoJ's request would not identify individual users, the scope and nature of this request sets a troubling precedent. Today, they argue, only search strings and urls; tomorrow, perhaps, the IP addresses of all users who typed in "Osama Bin Laden."

    Update 2: Here are PDF copies of the documents filed on Jan. 18 by Justice Department attorneys in Gonzales v. Google, Inc.: Motion to Compel, Declaration of Joel McElvain, and Declaration of Philip Stark.

    Over at SearchEngineWatch, Danny Sullivan has an extensive and much-updated post about news that the Justice Department demanded search records data from Google....

    Thursday, January 19, 2006

    The COPA Commission

    In 1998 the Congress researched and passed the Child Online Protection Act (COPA).
  • COPA - Child Online Protection Act

    Is anyone following up on its recommendations?

  • White House Sends Subpeona to Google for history of who is looking that those links.

    Well, isn't it interesting that the White House knows where to go to start their big web search on
    this important topic. All the buzz centers on Google again.

    FoxNews Reports - article begins here.

    Gov't Motion - full text of Subpeona is here.

    SAN FRANCISCO — Google Inc. is rebuffing the Bush administration's demand for a peek at what millions of people have been looking up on the Internet's leading search engine — a request that underscores the potential for online databases to become tools of the government.

    Mountain View-based Google has refused to comply with a White House subpoena first issued last summer, prompting U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales this week to ask a federal judge in San Jose for an order to force a handover of the requested records.

    Sunday, January 15, 2006

    Why Boycott Google?

    Why the Colorful language? In order to document the problem I'll probably have to substitute
    certain keywords with descriptive alternatives in order to get pass the BlogSpot filters. I respect and appreciate BlogSpot's efforts to
    create a responsible public use internet application.

    A. Pornography Is A Harmful Lifestyle

    Pornography is a victimless crime, Right? Wrong!

    1. Family Breakup: - It is a leading factor in many divorce cases.

    2. Spouse Abuse: - It is a nearly always present in all spouse abuse cases.

    3. Child Abuse: - It is a highly present in many child abuse cases.

    4. Violent Predators: - It is heavily prevalent amongst all predators.

    5. Spouse Infidelity: - It is a big motivator in cheating.

    6. Heavily Addicting: - Because of its ease to access on the internet.

    7. Inappropriate Lifestyle Choices: - It contains a lot of information and motivation that encourages people
    to make poor lifestyle choices.

    8. Adult-Oriented Business: - They thrive on this stuff and use it to promote their goods.
    It is the single biggest industry on the world wide web.

    9. Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancies: - It encourages disregard for marriage and family duty.

    10. Welfare Burden: - It is a leading factor in over 60% of all social welfare cases.
    Adult business make big profits at the expense of the taxpayer, you.

    B. The Big Search Engines Are The Biggest Source of Pornography Today

    1. Your Search Starts Here: Over 80% of all internet search queries begins with one of the major search engines.

    2. Filters Are Ineffective: While Internet filters block infamous big sites that are exclusively dedicated to immoral
    topics, they seem to ignore or try to dance around the terrible violations caused by all of the big popular search engines. They
    face a huge challenge to interpret mixed results from the big search engine in trying to decide what to show or to block.

    3. The Web is Too Big to Filter: All of the filters are too small of an operation to identify and block the many small
    violator websites that exist and the many new ones that are created each day. But the search engines robots are very quick
    to find and list them in their catalogs.

    4. Not Everyone Has Filters: You can place the most strenuous and pro-active filters on every computer in your house,
    but what happens when your children go to use computers at their school or public library? How about the computers of their friends?
    Do they maintain any type of filtering service at all?

    5. Search Engine Filters Are Easy To Turn Off: While many search engines provide "preferences" settings to help you regulate
    how much offensive material you want to view during your own session. These are easy to turn off by the next person to use that computer.

    C. Google Is The Single Biggest Source Of All Pornography

    1. Google #1: For the last three years Google is the most frequently used of all the major search engines.
    Google Is The Single Biggest Starting Point For Anyone Who Starts Searching For Pornography.

    2. Google IPO: August 2004 - Seldom has a financial event been so eagerly awaited by the investing world...
    The largest technology IPO in history was the culmination of years of anticipation by stock market participants.

    3. Google Web Directory: The biggest listing of Pornographic websites, articles, dirty stories, message boards,
    exchange clubs, galleries, member commentary, reviews, etc. Many of these listings are not blocked by the various
    internet filters.

    4. Google Cache: Google maintains a copy of nearly every webpage on the Internet that is easily accessible by
    the general public. Much of this material is not blocked by internet filters.

    5. Google Images: Google's huge picture gallery searchable by topic will directly display many images that
    are not blocked by internet filters. Even with internet filters activated it still tells you a lot about where to find images galleries
    for a particular topic.

    6. Google Groups: Google's huge library is an exact archive of thousands of Pornographic newsgroups open
    to the public for news articles, weblinks, dirty stories and jokes, reviews, image links, etc. Much (if not all) is not blocked
    by any of the porn filters

    7. Google Froogle: Google's huge shopping site has a huge listing of adult only products that you wouldn't
    want your children to see. Much of it bypasses the internet filters.

    8. Google Alerts: Google will notify you be email whenever its web directory has a new website listing for
    your favorite particular topic. There is no filter for this service.

    9. Google BlogSearch: In keeping with the latest internet phenomenon - Google maintains one of the largest
    directories of personal diaries web logs (aka: blogs). Much of these popup too fast for internet filters to adequately police.

    10. Google Video: Brand new online video directory (launched Jan 2006) which many internet filters have no idea
    how to regulate or block. A classic example of how fast technology keeps progressing and how internet filters face a losing
    battle in trying to keep up.

    D. How To Create An Effective Boycott

    Last year we have seen attempts by the general public to boycott the rising price of gasoline by declaring a certain
    day of the week as boycott day and encouraged people to stay away from the gas stations that day. However the gas
    stations found it really hilarious when the next day when everyone returned in droves and still bought the same amount of gas.
    They suffer no economic inconvenience and where not motivated make any changes to their business model. Most energy
    companies ended the year with record profits.

    The lesson learned was that an effective boycott has to be able to be able to create a significant impact in order to notice.
    The labor unions all know that you can only effectively strike against one company at a time. Because much of the
    general public has a legitimate need to use search engines we need to redirect our activity from the worst industry violator to
    its competitors. This continual economic hardship will then motivate the target business to make serious changes to their business

    Google is by far the biggest, most profitable and most visible company today. It is respected by other businesses as a
    highly successful business model worthy of imitation. They say that if the General Public likes Google that much then we need
    to imitate Google in order to be similarly profitable.

    Google has a huge impact in shaping the attitudes, knowledge and philosophies of future generations.
    But right now it is pointing our society in the wrong direction. Please join us in sending a very important message to Google
    about social responsibility.

    Saturday, January 14, 2006

    Report Bad URL's to Google

    Report Offensive URL's to Google's Webmaster

    Maybe Google (and the other major Search Engines) needs help in identifying the inappropriate URL's that should be purged from their database.
    Here are their directions to make such a report. Feel free to generously contribute to their efforts to clean up their database. In most cases you should
    submit the URL of the offending listing.

    Looking for more information on making the internet safer:

    Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    The Google Petition

    Petition to Google to Clean Up Their Act

    Step 1 - Exercise Your Freedom of Speech and Send The Petition to Google

    To : The Directors and General Officers of Google Inc and their Affiliated Business Partners

    Re : Material Listed in Google's Search Results

    Inasmuch as your firm is widely recognized as the premier listing source for of websites, images, articles, newsgroups, etc, we hereby announce that our family will no longer patronize your website. Furthermore we will also cease to patronize your affiliate websites that prominently display your web search or advertisement services.

    We will not return until a substantial effort is made to purge those listings of immoral and material that has not relevent benefit to our community. Such material is in fact harmful to the quality of life for our family, our community and our nation. If your firm desires to be a member of our community then you have a duty to participate in a responsible manner.

    Remember to Sign and Date Your Copy of the Petition.

  • Post Mail is Best : Google Inc., Attn: Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View CA 94043
  • or Send a Fax Copy : (650) 253-0001

  • Step 2 - Spread The Word About the Google Boycott
    Dear Friend, please join us in our protest against the biggest directory source of offensive material on the internet, Google Inc. Their current database contains thousands of listings that would have a direct negative impact
    on the quality of life for us and our children.

    For more information on some simple things that you can do please visit the protest site at:

    Thank You.

  • Send an Email to your family and friends. (You can copy from the sample letter above.)
  • Write to your local, state and federal elected representatives (Get their address here :
    U.S. House Representatives or
    U.S. Senator)
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, news radio or other favorite news media source.
  • Write a letter to the local publications in and near Mountain View where many of the Google Inc decision makers live,
    work and play :
    San Jose Mercury News /
    San Francisco Chronicle /
    Oakland Tribune
  • Send a copy of The Petition to other Search Engine Webmasters (They could be next.)
    Check here for a directory.
    If we find a major search engine with effective blocking of harmful content then we should give them lots of positive publicity.
  • Come back and check this blog as we report on various email addresses in the Google Organization that you can send a copy of the petition to.
  • Send a copy of The Petition to Google's business affiliate partners. Contact the webmaster of any other website that features either
    Google Search or Ads by Google. (We'll try to feature them regularly on this blog.)
  • Contact makers of internet filter services and let them know that the biggest gap in their offensive material filters
    is Google. (Do you have an internet filter that still allows Google to list bad websites and images on your PC?)
  • Contact your local public school or public library to let them know that they need to configure their computers
    to effectively block children from accessing harmful material.
  • Monday, January 09, 2006

    2006 : Year of the Family Boycott of Google

    Google - The Anti-Family Search Engine

    The Reasons to Boycott Google

    • 1. Divorce - is a leading factor in divorce and family breakups today.
    • 2. Child Abuse - is a leading factor in towards women and children today.
    • 3. Biggest Culprit - Google is by far the biggest and most popular source of material on internet.
    • 4. Google Filter Bypass - Google's supposed safe search option can be reset by any 13-year-old in 5 seconds to open up a world of filth.
    • 5. Image Directory - Google Images provides a detailed graphic catalog of every image on every website.